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A prolific artist for over 35 years, Adrien Drolet devotes hours to research and artistic creation. Over the years, he has realized nearly 2,000 works, both religious and secular. His works are in his own image and embody his many social, religious and cultural interests. Through his work, he communicates his principals and expresses the fundamental values he seeks: Beauty, Goodness, Truth.


Over time and through portraiture, he has created a personal style. Imbued with a signature simplicity, the composition of his works is a distillation of unadorned expression.


Despite myriad sources of inspiration and subjects​, Man remains central to his artistic process. A humanist painter, his primary concern is to reach into the soul and explore its mysteries.


To create his works, this artist explores a range of pictoral media: pencil, charcoal, pastels, water colours, oil and ink. He particularly likes inks in combination with other media.

Adrien Drolet artiste-peintre

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Photos: Sylvie Lemieux, Gilles Drolet and Hélène Drolet


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